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How about the Saien memory pillow?

  • 2049
  • Jimmy at
  • October 24, 2018

Saien memory pillow is a famous memory pillow supplier in the world, one of the world's top ten manufacturers, which shows how powerful the influence of Saien.

The memory pillow is not a pillow that improves memory, but a pillow that can be engineered to create the shape of a pillow.So that everyone can relax to the most satisfying position when sleeping, the working principle of this pillow is to use the advantages of memory sponge to promote good sleep.Let's see.


Saien memory pillow - brand introduction

Thain memory pillow use is a very special temperature induction foam material, people often referred to as memory space cotton, cotton or by the U.S. space agency NASA  in order to reduce the pressure of the astronaut's research and development.

After about 10 years of research and development, the company has produced mattresses that can avoid the curvature of the spine caused by poor sleeping position and allow the normal circulation of blood.

Memory pillow is a combination of mechanics, ergonomics and aesthetics, the perfect design can make the cervical spine perfectly fit the stress-free pillow, so that everyone can enjoy comfortable and relaxed sleep.


As a pioneer in the mattress and pillow industries, Saien has strong advantages in sleep technology. A mattess can let the body of consumer feels without any pressure, cooperate in perfect memory pillow, let your body and psychology have unprecedented loosen.

Thain mattresses and pillows function is not only so, based on the research and development of cervical spine and physiological position memory pillows and mattresses, provide complete support, let you sleep without any pressure, an unprecedented physical and mental relaxation.

Saien's memory pillow advantage

saien spends a lot of money on research and development every year, constantly developing and improving existing products to join the series of Sean mattresses and pillows. As a complement and improvement to existing products, thain developed three different styles of products.Saien ice congealed mattress (summer must be chosen), Saien travel neck pillow (a must for business travel) and saien sleep eye mask (for fast sleep).


These products are designed to provide the most comfortable support for people who are not satisfied with their sleep quality. Thain is expanding its product range to cover the entire sleep range.

Today I introduced you to the brand and products of thain. Have you got it? Saien remembers that travel neck pillows are great pillows for drivers, office workers, and travelers.