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How to use and buy the car headrest pillow correctly?

  • 1937
  • Jimmy at
  • August 01, 2019
First, the role of the car headrest pillow

According to police records, the driver's head or neck will be damaged in a 26% rear-end collision. And in the rear-end accident under the same conditions, the correct use of the car headrest is safer than the incorrect use of the car headrest, the driver and passenger neck injury probability is reduced by 40%, and the driver using the high quality headrest is inferior to the inferior headrest. Driver damage is reduced by 24%.
car head pillow

In the event of a traffic accident, the enormous impact of the collision is all squeezed into the fragile neck, causing the driver and passenger's spine to be injured. In severe cases, the nervous system can cause problems and even life-threatening. With the presence of a car headrest, it can effectively cushion the huge transient impact of an accident, thereby protecting the fragile neck bone and reducing the chance of neck injury.

Second, car headrest pillow classification

Mainly divided into two categories, one is not adjustable, the other is adjustable. Adjustable headrests are available in manual and automatic adjustments. Among them, manual adjustment can only be used for one-way adjustment of height, and automatic adjustment can be automatically adjusted in two-dimensional direction.

The automobile headrest is one of the national automobile compulsory certification testing items, and has strict regulations on materials, strength, energy absorption, position and size. In the current national standard, only the front seat of the car is equipped with a car headrest. The rear seat is equipped with a car headrest and there is no mandatory requirement. Foreign car standards such as the European Union do not have headrests for rear seats. This is mandatory.

best car headrest pillow

Third, use the car headrest pillow adjustment method

1. Correctly adjust the angle between the body and the seat so that the back is as straight as possible. The angle between the neck and the body tends to be flat, which reduces the degree of damage during a collision.

2. The smaller the distance between the back of the head and the headrest, the better. It is best not to exceed 10 cm. In this way, it can cushion the neck while driving.

3. Due to the different heights of the occupants, the adjustment range of the headrest is also different. Adjustments should be made on a case-by-case basis.

4. Correctly adjust the height of the headrest. The headrest should be mounted at least parallel to the upper edge of the ear or approximately 8.89 cm below the passenger's head. After adjusting the headrest, firmly fix the headrest so that the headrest does not shake.

5. The protective effect of the fixed headrest is much higher than that of the adjustable headrest.

6, the rear seat of the car is best to install the headrest.

7. In a vehicle crash, the probability of a woman's head and neck injury is 1.8-2.2 times that of a male. Therefore, women should pay more attention to adjusting the height of the headrest and pushing the body forward as much as possible.

Fourth, car headrest pillow loading and unloading method

Most headrests have two thin columns that connect to the seat. Installation is relatively simple. Although there are still some owners who use them daily, I don't know how to load and unload them. Let me share this method now. 

memory foam car headrest

First put the front seat down → turn the headrest up to the head → see the two discs under the steel tube, pick up the disc → see the round root of the steel tube has a round clip, and use the two screwdriver clips at the same time The outside can be pressed against the internal moving parts and pushed inwards, and the other person can lift the headrest up at the same time.

Five, headrest pillow selection skills

1. Material: The material of the car headrest must be comfortable. It has good softness and breathability, which can effectively relieve cervical fatigue during driving. Currently, only memory foam car headrests pillow can meet these requirements.

2, design: car headrest must be ergonomic, as far as possible in the arc and head and neck position.

3. Appearance: The fabric was selected for its excellent dust resistance, high cleanliness and no fading. Easy-to-clean fabrics make cleaning easier.

4. Type: Some headrests are designed according to the height of different adjustment methods. Some are non-adjustable headrests. You should choose a headrest that is more suitable for you and install it properly.

5, filling: good filling also has antibacterial and deodorizing function, good pressure bearing capacity, quick rebound, the best word of mouth on the market is memory foam car headrest pillow,by the way with a memory foam car waist will be better

6, business: whether there is a production license, whether the material source is environmentally friendly, and second, the quality of production.