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Is the cool gel memory foam pillow really effective?

  • 1536
  • Jimmy at
  • May 18, 2019

Memory Foam pillows are very popular among buyers, but customers often complain that the pillows are too hot in the summer to be able to go deep and sleep well. Although this kind of problem will only occur in the hot weather, if it happens for a long time, it will lead to problems such as lack of sleep.

gel memory foam pillow

As a result, a cool gel memory foam pillow appears that provides extra comfort, support and coolness for a comfortable night's sleep. Sleep on a gel foam pillow and you won't wake up in the middle of the night or feel tired during the day.

Therefore, in order to make customers more comfortable, some manufacturers developed cold gel memory foam pillows to solve the problem of overheating and retain the quality of memory foam.

Provides a cool sleep: the small gel beads injected into the gel memory foam pillow ensure that the body's heat is absorbed and the airflow is increased to create a cool, comfortable surface. The cooler surface helps provide better temperature control, prevents sleep from overheating, and allows you to sleep longer than ever.

Custom comfort: Just like standard memory foam, gel foam provides a comfortable feel and absorbs vibration and stress. Thanks to these features, the gel memory foam pillow provides good sleep even if you toss and turn during sleep.

cooling foam pillow

Reduces body stress: Gel Memory Foam Pillows provide balanced support and can be customized for a variety of sleep modes. The cool gel foam is designed to support the body, providing perfect pressure relief for your head, neck and shoulders.

Elasticity: Gel memory foam pillows are highly elastic and do not sag over time. They have the ability to memorize and rebound, and they can immediately rebound to the original shape, dispelling your depression on the pillow.

Health Benefits: Gel memory foam pillows are made of organic materials that are naturally environmentally friendly and do not contain any substances that are harmful to our skin or body. Therefore, it is safe and healthy for anyone, including children, adults and the elderly.