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How much baby can use pillows, but also need to pay atte...

  • 1255
  • Jimmy at
  • July 13, 2019
"How big can a baby sleep pillow?" This matter must not let the wife and the mother-in-law discuss it, or else the detonation of the mother-in-law battle - Bao Ma said "early, at least one year old can not sleep!", the mother-in-law said "when the time is OK, who sleeps without a pillow? Can you sleep comfortably without a pillow?" Who is right about Bao Ma and her mother?

If you want to make trouble understanding your baby's pillows, you have to start with "Why do people need pillow pillows?" Everyone should have had this experience. If you don't have a pillow when you lie down and sleep, you have to put your arm under your neck. This will be more comfortable. Why?

baby resting pillow

This is because the adult cervical vertebrae are convex forward and have a natural physiological curvature. After lying down, there will be a gap between the cervical vertebra and the bed. Only by filling this gap can the normal physiological curvature of the cervical vertebrae be protected. The muscles will relax, the neck and back muscles will relax, and people will be able to lie comfortably.

Besides, the baby's normal physiological curvature is gradually formed during the growth process. The newborn baby, the cervical vertebra is basically straight, and there is basically no gap between the cervical vertebra and the bed after lying down. Therefore, naturally, it is not necessary. Use a pillow to fill the gap.

If you use the pillow at this time, no matter how low, it will not meet the baby's cervical curvature, it will make the baby feel uncomfortable, it will affect the normal development of the cervical spine, and may even oppress the airway, causing the baby to breathe poorly.

But this only shows that the newborn baby can not use the pillow, and does not explain how big it can be. How much baby can pillow pillows does not have an exact time point, mainly depends on whether the baby needs a pillow. If the baby has been able to stand up and sit up freely, and always like to sleep on the mother's arm or mat, plush toys and other things when sleeping, then it means that the baby feels more comfortable sleeping with something, then you can Try to use the pillow for your baby.

newborn baby sleep pillow

Finally, if you plan to give your baby a pillow, there are 3 points to remind moms:
1, the height of the pillow should be appropriate, the height of the children's pillow is mostly between 1-3 cm;
2, the pillow is soft and hard to be moderate, too soft to support the role, too hard to sleep uncomfortable. When choosing a pillow, mothers can press it by hand, support and rebound are better, just count the memory foam pillow;
3, to keep the pillow clean, the baby loves to sweat, the saliva is also more, the smaller baby may also spit milk, so that the pillow is easy to breed bacteria, so be sure to clean in time.

After learning the knowledge, how do you learn how to choose a pillow for your baby?