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Why choose memory sponge cushion

  • 1270
  • Jimmy at
  • March 06, 2019

Similar to baby car seats, they are similar to the adult version and can be used in driving seats and provide the same amount of support and safety for adults. The high-quality memory foam car seat cushion provides extra comfort for passengers, long-distance truck drivers and everything in between.


Some car seats do not take into account ergonomics. Even after a short trip, they may still hurt the back and neck. A high-quality memory foam or gel car seat cushion helps to relieve stress on the tailbone, allowing you to sit up longer.

gel seat cushion Wholesale


This is a huge advantage, especially for long trips. The Memory Sponge cushion helps you evenly distribute your weight so your knees won't cut your loop. This will allow blood to flow through your legs and rejuvenate them.