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The correct use of memory foam sleep pillow, have you c...

  • 1844
  • Jimmy at
  • November 01, 2018

The memory pillow is a new type of special material that can be used to remember the shape that the body needs most. Because of this memory ability, it can fit the curve of the head and neck very well, which can improve the quality of sleep and relieve cervical nerve pressure. Long-term use can bring some good changes to the cervical spine, let some stubborn cervical diseases say goodbye to you.640

The correct use of memory foam sleep pillow, have you chosen the right one?

The memory pillow is also called a slow rebound pillow, a zero pressure pillow, and a space pillow. It is a pillow made of memory foam material, which changes the hardness with the change of temperature to fit the curve of the head and neck of the human body, making it easier for people to fall asleep. So how can we better use the memory pillow? ?

Because each person's body curve is different, according to this situation, manufacturers have also introduced a variety of shapes and functions of the memory pillow. Waves, butterfly pillows, and tongue pillows are popular in the market; therefore, the methods we use when we use memory pillows are different.

1、wave pillow

The wave pillow is like a wave, and many people call it a high and low pillow, s pillow; this pillow is characterized by a high side and a low side of the pillow. No matter what posture the human body sleeps, it can be used at will. However, it should be noted that the high place fits the neck and the low place fits the head.

2、butterfly pillow

The butterfly memory pillow is characterized by the center of the pillow, which is lower than the circumference of the pillow. When using this pillow, be sure to lie flat on the center of the pillow so that the pillow can give good support to the head and neck. If lying on the side, it is recommended that the head rest on both sides of the pillow. This is because the height of the sides of the pillow is just parallel to the shoulders of the human body, so that the head and neck are better fit and will not cause damage and discomfort.

3、 tongue pillow

This pillow is not very popular. There is a small tongue in front of the pillow, so it is called a tongue pillow. The characteristic of the tongue pillow is that when the person is lying on the back, the pillow can be well combined with the shoulder of the cervical vertebra, so that the discomfort of the neck and the shoulder can be better released.

4、 bread pillow

I think everyone should understand it well. The low middle height is like bread. This is also our most common kind of pillow. The characteristic of this kind of pillow is that the head must be in the center of the pillow when sleeping, or it will be stiff.