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How to choose the right travel neck pillow?

  • 1629
  • Jimmy at
  • March 23, 2019
Neck support
How do you sleep while traveling? Are you leaning forward or backward while sleeping? Have you ever noticed that your neck is sore after waking up in a car or plane?

So one of the most important considerations when choosing a travel pillow should be the neck support. Inflatable pillows or memory foams are ideal for neck support.

How to choose travel neck pillow?

If you tend to lean forward during your trip, the collar can provide the support you need. Consider the type of pillow you usually sleep with to choose the type of pillow that provides the best neck support.


When choosing a neck pillow, travelers often ignore fabrics, but this is also an important factor in ensuring comfort when travelling.

Inferior fabrics can irritate the skin, and hot weather is also very particular about fabrics. Before you travel, make sure that the place where you are on a business trip is hot or cold?

Cotton and smooth plastics are ideal for hot climates, while wool is suitable for cold climates. Travel pillows are easy to choose if you don't know where the business trip is.

Size and weight
U-shaped travel pillows vary in size and weight, so it's important to choose a U-shaped pillow that fits your specifications.

If you want to go light, you can choose a small and lightweight pillow. Memory foams and inflatable pillows are also ideal for light travel, as they can be easily stored.

If the U-shaped travel pillow can't be stored, make sure your backpack space is large enough, but whether it can be stored is still an important consideration.

Can it be used for a long time
The quality of the travel pillow is also very important. If you travel frequently, make sure that the U-shaped travel pillow you buy can be used for a long time.

How to buy travel neck pillow?

U-shaped travel pillows on the market vary in price and price, and the durability and quality of the products vary.
If you need to travel frequently, then spending a little money to buy a good quality U-shaped travel pillow is the best choice.

In a sense, finding a U-shaped travel pillow with a removable pillowcase is the best choice. Of course, it is also important to look at the customer's evaluation of the product when purchasing.