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How to Choose the Best Office Chair Cushions?

  • 1765
  • Jimmy at
  • March 23, 2019

Most of us are sitting at work for more than half of the time, so we can ensure that we sit comfortably during this time, so as to improve work efficiency and prevent physical harm caused by long-term sedentary. The seat cushions are far more than just supporting our hips and reducing the pressure on the spine and buttocks.

seat cushion

A good seat cushion helps to stimulate blood circulation, making it easier for you to maintain a good sitting position. In good posture, your head is at the right angle to the screen and helps your arms, wrists and shoulders at the right angle when typing, which will help every part of your body.

There are two main types of seat cushions on the market. The first one is the standard seat cushion on the most common chair. There are two connecting mats for the waist and hip, including a seat cushion and a lumbar support. Let's take a look at it below.

Common seat cushions are generally small and relatively flat, designed to support your tailbone and withstand the pressure on the buttocks. This seat cushion is designed for people with sciatica or tailbone pain, and for those who don't know how to sit in the office for a long time. The mats are also easy to carry, we can move them to other chairs when necessary, and the cushions can be used in almost any type of chair, or on a car, train, or airplane.


The full seat cushion combines the seat cushion, lumbar support and headrest to provide support for the buttocks, cervical vertebrae, neck and headrest to reduce stress. However, such full upholstery pads are often large and bulky, fixed with straps or mounted on chairs to prevent them from sliding, but this means that such cushions cannot be easily moved.

Four tips for choosing a seat cushion:

When choosing a seat cushion, you need to remember these precautions, including ergonomics, materials, how the mat connects the chair, and whether it can be cleaned.

If you have your own private office, you may not mind using a full upholstery tied to an office chair or a seat with a decompression massage. But if you need to move or travel frequently, then comfortable and easy to carry memory foam cushions should be the best choice. In real life, most truck drivers have custom-made seat covers with massage beads that help prevent venous thrombosis; they choose some comfortable, soft cushions at other times.

Some seat cushions are made of artificial leather, which can be easily wiped clean. However, some non-removable fabric cushions are very difficult to clean. If you are working in a place that is easy to sweat and need to sit, then you should pay attention to the seat cushion. The easy-to-clean seat is your first reference.

office cushion

The importance of shape and size has two reasons - portability and ergonomics. If the mat is too high, sitting uncomfortable will also press the thigh; too many curved cushions will make your sitting posture very embarrassing, which is worse than a chair without a cushion. Size selection is the easiest one. When you buy, first measure the size of the chair. If the seat cushion is too big, it will not fit.

The cushions on the market are made of many materials. The cotton is airtight and does not dissipate heat. The buttocks are easy to grow red. The latex cushion is too high in hardness. This material mat has long been abandoned by the market; and the memory foam seat cushion It will also kill the most favored products in the European and American markets. It can provide good support for the buttocks, relieve pain in the tailbone, and is the ideal cushion for people with acne. In addition, the material is special, the ventilation and heat dissipation are also very good, and it can be used for a long time without deformation. It should be the best choice for the seat cushion.