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Question and answer of sampling and mold opening

  • 628
  • Jimmy at
  • July 02, 2018
1. if only commonly use new fabric, how long will it take?
    Answer: if is our regular fabrics, and inventories, usually time fr 1~2 days.
    If no inventory, need to dressing, need 3 to 4 days.
    If not normal fabric, need to find fabrics, need seven days or so

    If it's with LOGO embroidery or printing on the basis of original increase 2 days。gel-pad

2.If it is to open the  pillow molds, how long will it take ?
   Re: if there is a ready-made products, according to the product to open mold, it takes about 4~ 5
days, if there are only 3D figure, typically take about 10 days time.(excluding back and forth with the customer to confirm timel among) long will it take on gel sheet mold?

    Answer: generally need 7 days or so.

4.According to customer specifications on gel pad sample,how long will it take?

  Re: generally need about 2-3 days, normal color (blue or sky blue) for the company according to the color of the machine.

5.pillow cover create how long will it take?
   RE: need 3 ~ 4 days, version fee according to the difficulty level of the product, usually 300- 500 RMB (50 USD~8O USD)