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The benefits of using memory cotton pillows!

  • 615
  • Jimmy at
  • September 07, 2019
Do you know the advantages of remembering cotton pillows?

1. Absorption of impact force

Ordinary pillow material is hard, pillow is difficult to relax on the top, there will be compression auricle phenomenon. The slow rebound memory cotton pillow does not have such a condition, and there is no pressure on the head touching the pillow.

2, anti bacteria and anti mites
Memory cotton can inhibit the growth of bacteria, and it can also dispel the odor of molds, which is most suitable for sweating people.

3, breathable and hygroscopic
The materials used for memory pillows are directly linked to each other. Moisture absorption and permeability are much stronger than ordinary cotton batting.

4. Combined with ergonomics
Memory cotton pillow waveform design, very consistent with the ergonomics design, can well fit the bearing cervical vertebra, can restrain the traditional pillow sleep when the cervical deformation!

5, soft and hard and moderate
The memory cotton pillow has a moderate hardness and hardness, and it can reach the pressure that can bear the head and neck. Therefore, the cotton pillow can make the sleep quality reach the best.