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Application method and attention of space cotton pillow

  • 526
  • Jimmy at
  • June 25, 2018

Used a space cotton pillow friends, will be attracted by its good comfort performance, deformation with memory function space cotton pillow can provide users with good health care function, maximum satisfy the requirement of people for a sleep environment. The following is to introduce you to the characteristics and use of memory cotton.

Space cotton pillow features
The pillow is on the pillow of this kind of material, the feeling does not have any pressure, connect the phenomenon that the pillow presses auricle normally also did not have. That's because space cotton pillow is designed according to artificial design, the special material of memory cotton can fix the head, eliminate the possibility of pillow, and effectively prevent spinal problems. And slow rebound can also absorb moisture, inhibit the growth of mold.

Space pillow usage
Before sleeping no matter lie on the side or lie on the back must put the head in the middle of slow rebound pillow, neck and pillow stick close to want tight silky close seam, after use a few days, can feel the energy after wake up apparently is abundant. If sleep wake up, must check your position, look at the head is deviated from the center, with empty space between the neck and pillow, be sure to make the curve of the neck joint pillow high-end completely

The upper part of pillow is cushion in neck, can have compulsive treatment effect, the lower part of pillow suits routine health care to prevent. Of course no matter what pillow still wants to give priority to with comfortable, want to adjust according to oneself comfortable degree actually. You may not be used to it when you first use it. After a few days of use, you can rest at ease. Be sure to lie on your pillow when you first use it, touch the curve of your neck with your hand and feel it.

With the rapid pace of today's society and the improvement of life pressure, many consumers cannot guarantee the normal sleep quality, which has caused certain impact on their work and life. As people pay more and more attention to sleep quality, products that can improve sleep quality are more popular with consumers. And the space cotton pillow now so hot, and memory pillow good function has a lot to do with.