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Question and answer about pillow and floor mat proofing

  • 607
  • Jimmy at
  • July 09, 2018
1、How long does it take to general LOGO proofing?
     RE: embroidery needs 2-3 days, screen printing needs 2-3 days;

     If it is woven label or care label need 3-4 days or So

2、How long does it take to new mat mold?

     Re: the new mat mold open need 20 days.

3、How long does it take to new fabric sample ?
     Re: if according to the customer's Panton number for fabric proofing, if only a small sample (A4)
     paper size, need about 6 days, generally need to a bigger fabric, will need do a small cylinder
     production, cost is RMB 1500 (USD200),takes 8 to 12 days.

4、Do you charge sample cost ?
     Re: generally need to charge fees, will be returned to the customer in bulk order.
     General new sample fee
     according to the products with different charge.

5、What are the principles of sample charge?
     generally to an old customer. if cost no more than 500 RMB (8OUSD), usually offer fee sample.
     On new Customers need do sample charge. Based on the specific circumstances.