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About the problem of accommodating neck pillow fabric a...

  • 533
  • Jimmy at
  • July 07, 2018
1、What's the general pillow outer cover material ?
     Re: knitting jacquard, velvet, butterfly net cloth, and so on, but in different gram weight.

     General is 1808~ 30, our regular material gram weight is 210 g kitted jacquard fabrics.

2、What's the general pillow inner cover material ?
     Re: Knitted polyester fabric, divided into barrels and conventional material. And Cotton single jersey.

3、What's the pillow cover zipper
     Re: 3rd standard zipper and invisible zippers

4、What's the neck pillow cover material
  Re: Crystal Plush fabric, velvet, cool fabric (the latest fabrics), etc.Color fastness is generally 3.5 magnitude。

5、How many colors of the neck pillow cover
     Re: Blue, pink, wine red, yellow, gray, green, black, wine red, sky blue, and So on.Conventional color is dark blue and gray。

6、What's the pouch bag material
     Re: raincoat cloth,  general color matching with pillow cover color。