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Memory pillow or latex pillow good, how should we choo...

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  • Jimmy at
  • June 15, 2018
Because of the rapid pace of social life and the pressure of work and life, cervical spondylosis is not a patent for the elderly. People spend a lot of time on computer phones. Many young people feel uncomfortable with their neck. If they ignore this, they will suffer from cervical spondylosis. At present, there is no quick way to treat cervical spondylosis. It is the most urgent thing for office workers to prevent cervical spondylosis.

Some people say that memory pillow helps to treat cervical spondylosis, but many people say latex pillow can assist in the treatment of cervical spondylosis. Is this true? How should we choose? Today we have invited Lin Sheng, a marketing expert at Sean gel company, to popularize it.

1, memory pillow is made of a pillow made of memory cotton, a new type of material developed by the United States in the 60s of the last century, made of several kinds of polymers with different combinations of polymers. This material has the function of slow rebound, and it can not be used for repeated use, so it is called slow springback memory cotton. Because of the particularity of this material, it can absorb the pressure of the body's cervical vertebra and head very well, effectively relieve the pressure of the cervical vertebra, and it is very comfortable for the cervical and head.

And today's memory pillow adopts butterfly shaped, wave shaped, S type design, better use of ergonomics, more able to fit the head and neck curve. Lin said that patients with cervical discomfort are suitable for butterfly memory pillow, while wave memory pillow is more suitable for daily health care and prevention. At the same time slow rebound memory cotton hygroscopic and breathable, not only can inhibit the growth of mold, but also can go to the pillow of the odor, in the auxiliary treatment of cervical spondylosis has this very good role!

2, because latex pillow is divided into natural latex and synthetic latex, resulting in market prices are very chaotic. Natural latex is produced by rubber trees. The daily output is about 30cc, so the price is very expensive. Artificial latex is derived from the decomposition and synthesis of oil, although artificial latex and natural latex are the same, but synthetic latex is cheap and can produce some harmful gases.

The latex pillow is not as good as the memory pillow in the rebound function, so the effect of relieving neck pressure is not as good as that of the memory pillow. But the natural latex pillow in the antibacterial, except mites, the effect is very obvious, can provide a more clean sleep environment; and the latex pillow particles more massage the head, promote blood circulation, this is a good choice for the insomnia patients!

Therefore, the market expert of seen gel company, Mr. Lin, reminds you of the choice of memory pillow and latex pillow in the purchase of nursing pillow. Especially when buying, we must pay attention to observe whether the manufacturer has quality certificates, regular test reports and so on.