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How to choose suitable pillow, make neck comfortable?

  • 701
  • Jimmy at
  • September 07, 2019
Do you get a bad night's sleep because a pillow makes your neck feel bad? Here are three tips from the nursing society on how to choose a neck pillow:

1、pillow that fits your neck is the best.
Because everyone has different cervical problems, choose a pillow that works on your neck to make your sleep sweet.

2. Pillows should never be cheap.
People spend more than a third of their day sleeping and resting, so don't skimp on where you rest.

3. Latex pillow and foam pillow are the best choice at present.

Latex has a calming effect, so that the spirit of the poor you sleep better; If you are allergic to latex, you can replace it with a memory sponge pillow. The memory sponge can reduce pressure and breathe freely, which is a very good choice.

Memory sponge pillow