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Cleaning method of memory cotton pillow core stains

  • 603
  • Jimmy at
  • September 07, 2019
Memory cotton pillow part cleaning method:

1. Use a clean night's warm water and put a spoon of laundry powder in the water.

2, stir the water in a bowl with a clean cloth until froth appears.

3, if the pillow has a peculiar smell, it is likely to be caused by sweat, head oil and other pollution.

4. Wipe the dirty spots on the pillows with a wet cloth, slowly wipe the stains until you clean them up.

5. After cleaning, put the pillow in the shade of the room, and do not use sunlight until it is dried.

Warm reminder: because the memory cotton pillow is breathable and moisture absorption, it should be exposed to the sun for a period of time, and it should also regularly clean dirt, dandruff and other stolen goods on the pillow every month.