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The second session of saien Gel Products was held perfec...

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  • Jimmy at
  • April 15, 2019
April is a season full of magic, flowers are eager to open; dead trees grow new sprouts, everything is full of vitality, and it is also the best time for human movement.

On April 13th, Saien Smart Home Technology Co., Ltd. held the second spring sports meeting, which was held as scheduled in cooperation with the business department, production department, materials department and personnel around.


At 9 o'clock in the morning, the members of the group gathered in the Science Park with excitement and passion. When the host Mao Yuanfei announced the rules and shouted the slogan “The Games will begin now”, the second spring sports meeting of Cyan Smart Home officially opened.


First item: tug-of-war competition

The tug-of-war competition was divided into eight groups, each with 9 members. All the players were free to choose. The rules were three-game two-win elimination. After two rounds, the second and third teams entered the finals.


The second group and the third group are both strong teams. From the perspective of the number and size of men and women, the strength of the two groups is almost equal. However, after the first director's time to fight, after the second game's strength was suppressed, the third group finally won the first place.

The second item: balloon relay

The activity is divided into nine groups, each group is divided into eight people, two people are a pair, back to back with a balloon to the designated area to return, if the balloon is squeezed out of the group to be eliminated, the shortest time is victory.


The balloon relay is not like the strength of the tug-of-war, and this fight is the tacit understanding of the two and the team's cooperation. After several rounds of competition, the first group won the first place with 46 seconds.

The third item: three people walking

The two have to play and everyone must have played. The three races are estimated to be the first time to play. The one in the middle is tied up. Can you move faster?


However, nothing is impossible. As long as the three cooperate with each other and the pace is the same, the three can run straight. Let's take a look at our beauty trio, how to run 10 meters in 4.6 seconds.


Item 4: Personal Skipping

Skipping ropes have been played since childhood, and maybe they are all jumping 6, but after the work, people can jump up and estimate that there are not many, so this game has become a battle for girls.


The fifth item: You guess than me

The common game programs in the entertainment program are also very test-intellectual skills. The wrong performance of the first person may lead to the elimination of the entire group, but in front of the strongest brain, these are not things.

After the Games, naturally, we also reached the most anticipated moment, the awarding session. After the host announced the winning team, the company General Pan and the stone presented the awards to the winning team in turn, and Mr. Pan also made a concluding speech for the campaign.


Just like the theme of the Games: "I exercise, I am wonderful - love, start from caring for sleep", where the Saien people show their spirit of health, vitality, upward and collaboration.


"Xiongguan Man Road is really like iron, but now it is going from scratch." The spirit of self-confidence, self-reliance and unity and cooperation of employees during the competition will enable the Saien people to work hard in the future work and create a brilliant future for the company.