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SAIEN Technology's 2019 expansion training ended succes...

  • 1856
  • Jimmy at
  • August 19, 2019

In the hot summer of Shenzhen and the typhoon, just in the sultry prelude of the typhoon, we did not stay under the cool air conditioning, leaving our "armed" comfortable chair, fully exposed to the warmth of this ultraviolet light In the sun, we have ample sunshine reserves for our body, which has been in the office for a long time.

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In the company, only employees can be condensed into a rope, in order to break through all difficulties, and expansion training is a good exercise opportunity. With the excitement of the sun, we walked into the expansion base for a one-day training.

The first project to be done is a group project, pulling a rope, letting a partner step on the rope, you believe us, we protect your thoughtfulness.

All the little friends took a rope and sat down together, then turned up and down and left and right. At the beginning, we only wanted to do 100. We thought it was okay. When the coach said that the next task was 666, everyone would swear. Big eyes, everyone felt very difficult, but no one said to give up, so we used a strong will, shouted and confronted loudly, and finally we conquered this seemingly insurmountable mountain.

The detachment tower project, which is also a project that tests IQ and technology, challenges the height of this collapsed and unsound bubble puzzle block. In this race against time and rational use of resources, fight speed, divide the work, fight the host To ability, you and you are definitely the best!

The combination of lung capacity challenges ballooning, ventilator assembly and blowing balloons. At the beginning, everyone started to splicing without clearing the thoughts. It also made mistakes. This made everyone more cautious. In the end, the team used a clever method to pinch the balloon. In half, they won the victory, which also revealed that we can sometimes expand our thinking and broaden our horizons.

In the twinkling of an eye, everyone went to the farm to start cooking. The ingredients needed to be washed and the chicken and fish were washed. The seasonings and dishes should be cut in advance. Someone needs to go to chop fire. Some people take the lead, these are the division of labor and organization that test a team. Everyone is actively cooperating, trying to do a good job, and try to help the team to complete the task. In the end, each group made its own culinary work, which looks delicious and delicious. When you have enough to eat, you will start the game.

The project “High-altitude grabbing” allowed me to break through the psychological limits, re-understand myself, challenge myself and surpass myself. People's potential is unlimited, daily work and life, people's ability is only 20%-30% of their own ability, the remaining potential can not play out because we have a demons, this demons are our biggest enemy And this biggest enemy is ourselves.

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Then how should we overcome the demons and overcome ourselves, and in terms of normal work and life, we must strengthen our confidence, work hard, and act when we encounter difficulties. We believe that we will always be the best, and success is only one step away from ourselves. As long as you persist, success will definitely belong to you.

The last project is the deepest feeling. The graduation wall is also called the escape wall, the victory wall, and the shipwreck escape. All members of the team crossed a 4.2-meter-high smooth wall within the prescribed time. In the process, everyone could not rely on any external tools, including clothes, belts, ropes, etc. The resources that can be used are only the bodies of everyone.

Training graduation wall
1. Improve survival skills in times of crisis. Improve safety awareness and awareness of protection.
2. Cohesion within the training team and between teams.
3. Democracy, effective discussion, reasonable and rapid decision-making, scientific evaluation of innovative programs, courage to practice, and continuous experimentation.
4. Identify differences, rationally divide labor, and learn optimal allocation resources.
5. Deepen the importance of feeling trust and help, and try to accomplish tasks that are not well done.

The icy high wall, but we have a firm belief, fiery passion and unconditional trust in everyone on the team. Even if you make a mistake, the captain chooses to inclusive and punish yourself. Even if it hurts, everyone chooses to throw it behind. The courage to move forward has always encouraged us. In the end, with everyone's joint efforts, everyone defeated the self and ushered in the rainbow after the storm.

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 a team, a heart, a goal, fight together